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Management Development

Session length ½ to 1 day  Designed to provide management personnel with the needed tactical skills in key areas such as: counseling, coaching and feedback, corrective action, performance management, documentation, diversity, etc. 
Who Should Attend
: New managers or experienced managers who were not provided with initial management skills training or those who need a refresher. 

Time and Stress Management

Session length ½ day  Designed to look at the issues surrounding time utilization techniques and ways to alleviate and reduce stress on the job. Participants will gain a practical understanding of issues that affect their ability to effectively utilize their time and develop an action plan to monitor progress. 
Who Should Attend: Recommended for all individuals.

Performance Management

Session length ½ to 1 day  Designed to instruct managers on the successful completion of the performance appraisal process. Includes a discussion of documentation, document delivery, effective communication, employee buy-in, goal setting and other areas required to enhance the delivery of this management tool. 
Who Should Attend
: For all individuals who have responsibility for appraising performance. 

Project Management

Session length ½ to-1 day  Designed to provide participants with an understanding of the project management process to improve their ability to deliver projects on time and within a budget. Examines the four phases of project management; creation, planning, execution and ending, as well as, the technical and behavioral skills project managers need. 
Who Should Attend: For all individuals who have project management responsibility.

Interview Training

Session length: ½ to 1 day  This session covers all the essentials of candidate interviews, such as, preparation and planning, resume review, candidate questioning, legal considerations, assessing candidates strengths and developmental needs, establishing rapport, and other critical areas. 
Who Should Attend:
For anyone involved in the interview process. 

Selecting and Recruiting Personnel 

Session length: 1 day  This course is designed to present participants with information concerning best practices for selecting and recruiting personnel. The program covers data evaluation and integration, as well as, instructing the interviewer on how to "sell" the company to the candidate. 
Who Should Attend: For all people who have input into the selection and recruitment process. 

Facilitator Training

Session length: Depends on participants skill level.  Designed to provide foundational skills to those individuals who will be called upon to direct the activities of a group. Discusses roles and responsibilities and various tools to encourage member participants. 
Who Should Attend:
For all individuals who have group facilitation responsibilities. 

Diversity Training

Session length: Depends on the number of participants and their previous exposure levels.  Designed to develop an initial awareness and sensitivity to issues of diversity. Starts with the concept of Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action and expands to show participants what must be recognized and understood given the changing demographics of society 
Who Should Attend
: Strongly recommend for all individuals