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"In order to beat the competition you have to compete DIFFERENTLY." This quote comes from the recently released 2nd editionof the book, "BRAND: YOU Personal Branding for Success in Life and Business" and now the mpr group is proud to announce the addition of BRAND: YOU - The Workbook. This companion piece provides readers with thirteen (13) experiential exercises that mirror the five (5) chapters in BRAND: YOU and walks its audience through areas ranging from understanding what you have to sell, an in-depth examination of the values associated with your Personal Brand and ultimately allows you to build your own Personal Brand Statement, while better positioning you to be received in the desired manner personally and professionally.  

This world is comprised of many different types of individuals all vying for essentially the same thing. To live the best life possible on a personal and professional basis while providing for and making things the best they can for the people they love and who depend upon them.

In that regard each of us must be willing to do and as importantly willing to show through our actions that the things we desire for ourselves and others are things we are willing to dedicate the needed resources and effort to bring these things to fruition.

BRAND: YOU – Personal Branding for Success in Life and Business examines these critical issues from the following four areas:

The Principles of Brand Establishment

Promoting Your Brand

Challenges to Your Brand

Change and

Presenting Your Brand (face to face and via social media)

The text concludes with an afterward that examines the issue of, where do we go from here and provides a strategic template of actions needed to establish and solidify your brand.

Presented in a highly practical and experiential format this book is an essential read for anyone who wants to gain further insights into the benefits of personal branding in order to obtain the success we all want on a personal and professional basis.

To place an order for the combined set of Brand: You Personal Branding for Success in Life and Business and Brand: You The Workbook, which retails for $40.95 but is available through this site for $36.85 (plus applicable postage), please visit the CONTACT US section of this web site.

To hear Julius Rhodes discuss BRAND: YOU some of the rationale for developing listen to an interview on Power 92.3 FM Chicago please click here: http://mprgroup.info/BRAND-YOU-interview.mp3

To watch an interview conducted with Julius Rhodes - author of BRAND: YOU on WMFD - Mansfield, Ohio please click below: http://media.wmfd.com:8000/wmfdnewsembed/062209rhodes.wmv

"Shake It Off and Step Up" is the title of a new 'Signature Series' presentation by Julius E. Rhodes, SPHR of the mpr group and addresses issues of: Personal Accountability, Discipline (Self-Monitoring Behaviors), Leadership and Actions Leading to Success (Positive Outcomes).

To watch an interview with Julius Rhodes regarding this 'Signature Series' presentation on WMFD-TV in Mansfield, Ohio please click below: http://media.wmfd.com:8000/wmfdnewsembed/062212urban.wmv