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Customer Interaction

Session length: ½ to 1 day  This course is designed to examine the impact customer service has on your organization. Looks at the employee role/responsibility continuum from the customer perspective and what expectations customers have as they enter your facility. Also examines perceptions employees have of your customers and the organization.
Who Should Attend: For all individuals who have customer contact. 

Building Teams

Session length: ½ to 1 day  This course examines the key components of building a cohesive and successful team to meet today's business challenges. Includes a discussion on roles and responsibilities of team members, group interaction, communication and other areas required to ensure full commitment of team members toward goal accomplishment.
Who Should Attend: Intact work teams, project teams, task forces and others who have to interact in a team setting

Employee Skills Audit

Session length: ½ to 1 day Designed to enhance the manager's and organization's ability to effectively and accurately share relevant employee data. This program examines issues relative to performance (what is actually taking place) and potential (what are the future possibilities given the employee's strengths, developmental needs and interests).
Who Should Attend: For all individuals who have responsibility for assessing or providing input into performance related areas. 

Positive Employee Relations

Session length: 1 day Session used in conjunction with a 1 -2 day overall organizational assessment designed to increase the way stakeholders view the organization. This program examines issues that impact management's role and responsibilities in facilitating change in the organization, as well as, the employees reaction to shifts in organizational direction.
Who Should Attend: For all organizational stakeholders. 

Personal Safety

Session length: ½ to 2 hours  Examines the way criminals select their victims and what you can do to help protect yourself from being a target of an assault. Emphasis is placed on reviewing situations that each of us are exposed to daily to increase individual awareness.
Who Should Attend: For all individuals, especially those who have field and/or frequent travel. 


Session length: ½ to 1 day  Course examines the various areas of sexual harassment. Examines historical and current legal issues and makes participants aware of what actions can be viewed as harassment.
Who Should Attend: For all individuals. 

Coaching & Feedback

Session length: ½ to 1 day  Course takes participants through skills they will need in their role as a coach; listening, probing and providing feedback, in order to maximize mutual understanding and communication.
Who Should Attend: For all individuals who have supervisory or lead positions requiring the completion of responsibilities through interaction with others.