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Signature Series Presentations

The mpr group is pleased to announce its Signature Series Presentations that can be applied as either a keynote address or a training workshop.

You've Been Charged: This signature series presentation addresses the issues of: Are We Who We Say We Are? What Is Our Standard of Excellence? Disruption As A Benefit To Advancement and How Our Actions Impact Our Personal Brand.

Being P A R or Better: This signature series presentation addresses the concepts of being Personally Positive, Accountable and Responsible and how these attributes impact our ability to attract and engage with others.

Ready, Set, Engage!: This signature series presentation addresses the critical and essential nature of employee engagement and provides tactical and strategic insights into building a culture of connection and inclusion.

The Power Within You - Resiliency and Emotional  Intelligence: This signature series presentation provides critical insights into the nature of resilience and related factors that address awareness of self, awareness of others and how mastery of these areas impacts you personally and professionally.

Creating and Maintaining Buy-in Through the Use of Influence and Persuasion: This signature series presentation allows participants to better understand and utilize the concepts of influence and persuasion as a means to create and maintain a connection between individuals as a means to achieving personal and professional buy-in.

The following is a representative example of training programs offered by the mpr group. Please feel free to contact us with any specific needs you may have.


Management Development
Increasing Productivity: Time and Stress Management
Leadership Development and Executive Presence
Performance Management
Behaviorally Based Interview Training
Selecting and Recruiting Personnel
Facilitator Training
Diversity Training


Customer Interaction
Building Teams
Employee Skills Audit
Positive Employee Relations
Ethics in Practice
Preventing Workplace Violence
Personal Safety
Coaching and Feedback